Welcome to the Thornville Fandom WikiEdit

This wiki is meant to keep track of the Thornville Fandom askblogs found on Tumblr. We will try to keep track of people, characters, events, and happenings. This wiki is maintained by fans and creators to keep things organized for fans! We appreciate your help in editing this wiki.

About Thornville FandomEdit

Thornville High is the setting of a collection of interactive role-playing blogs called askblogs on Tumblr. They follow the adventures of mostly highschoolers and the community around them as they live their unique lives, facing normal problems and a host of strange magic.

About Editing this WikiEdit

Please use character's real name (if known) for the titles of pages. If they have a nickname, put the nickname in parenthesis.

Look at other pages to see what kind of orginzation and style they have. Do note that the editor does not have a spell checker, so double check your spelling.

If you see something wrong in a page, or something missing- please add it! You do not need an account to edit or add pages. Before you create a page, please make sure a page doesn't already exist under another name or in a section. We are currently working on adding page redirections.

Remember to add your pages category- characters, location, or events

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