The Thornville Mall is a locaton of multiple shops and is a popular hang-out for many of the characters. Many of the characters also have jobs in stores inside the mall.



Claire's is a fashion and accessory store catering to primarily young preteen girls. Swag and Dani work there.

Pretzel ShopEdit

One and Tadd often get pretzels here. Whether the pretzel shop is a legitimate shop or just a vendor/stand is currently unknown.

Hop on Pop Ice Cream ShopEdit

Bitter and Miles temporarily worked at this fictionalized ice cream shop existing within Thornvillee Mall. Its name, obviously, is derived from Dr.Suess ' children's classic. 

Hot TopicEdit

Hot Topic is a fashion and counter-culture shop for goths and other subcultures. We know it exists in the Thornville because surely many of these teens buy their clothes here. Maybe Mr.O too.

Christmas AttractionEdit

During the winter months, the Thornville Mall sets up a Christmas Attraction with a Mall Santa for children to line up and tell what they want for Christmas. One and Spook worked as elves here in 2012.

Mount Crumpet Candy StoreEdit

A year round candy store where the clerks dress up as Peppermint Faries during December. The name is derived from Dr.Suess' How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Dani worked here in 2012.
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